10 Benefits of Homeschooling for Military Families

benefits of homeschooling

When a soldier enlists to serve their country they don’t just enlist themselves, but their whole family too. Many military families have discovered the benefits of homeschooling to win in the front lines of their kid’s education.

Homeschooling is a big commitment and takes a lot of guts and determination.

In this post, we will share with you the 10 benefits of homeschooling for military families to give you all the intel you need to make the best decision for your kids.

Let’s get to it!

Who would benefit from homeschooling?

According to PBS, 6% of military kids are homeschooled. That’s almost double the national average!

Many families only consider homeschooling when they are deployed or move to a different state/country.

It’s true that a large number of military kids attend public schools, but unfortunately, it is also true that military families are often required to move around a lot, often with little notice.

Homeschooling can be a system put in place to prevent the disorientation and change kids have to go through when moving.

By starting to reap the benefits of homeschooling today, you may be giving your kids the best shot possible if/when you have to move.

How can I start homeschooling?

There are many things you have to consider before beginning to homeschool. State laws and educational practices must be adhered to and a thorough, well-trusted curriculum should be selected.

Not every family is the same, so it’s important you decide what is best for your current needs.

Below are our 10 benefits of homeschooling for military families to help guide your decision.

10 benefits of homeschooling for military families.

1. Reduce the impact relocation has on education.

Research has shown that relocation has an impact on your child’s education.

By making the decision to homeschool you can combat these negative factors.

When a child has moved away from their school they undergo many changes:

  • New curriculum.
  • Different teachers.
  • New classmates.
  • New desks/workspaces.
  • Unfamiliar teaching styles.

Homeschooling isn’t the bulletproof perfect solution, but it certainly does eliminate the impact many of these factors can have.

2. Provide stability for your kids.

Being a military family can often mean living a somewhat chaotic lifestyle – especially compared to the average family.

Homeschooling can help reduce these chaotic factors by providing stability and consistency in their education.

This is a big factor that affects how your child learns and this stability is only going to have a positive influence.

3. Flexible schedule.

One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling we hear back from parents is how flexible the schedule is.

This is great for things like:

  • Shopping in off-peak hours.
  • Not having to deal with crowded public spaces.
  • Working around your family’s work schedule.

This new found freedom can actually end up saving you time.

For example: If you switched the weekly grocery shop from a Saturday morning to Wednesday morning and had school then instead, you could rack up a large amount of extra time by not having to deal with the long lines.

4. Be more included in your kid’s childhood.

Once kids start going to school full-time, parents start to play a lesser role in their lives.

We want our kids to go out into the real-world and experience it for themselves, but often parents jump back into work and miss out on those precious, early years that we will regret not being a part of.

A benefit of homeschooling is that you get to play an active role in your child’s development and have a greater impact in the early years of their life.

5. Give you child a say in their education.

It’s not just you who can reap the benefits of the newfound flexibility homeschooling brings, but also your child.

Want to have class outside today? Need to move your desk? Want some music while you read?

No problem (as long as the teacher doesn’t mind!)

Giving children a say in their education can help them feel more involved and feel more respected as a “partner” rather than just a student in the system.

This is great for generating an excitement and engagement in their education.

6. Use strong trusted curriculums wherever you are in the world.

One of the fears many parents have when moving their kids to a different school (especially to a different country) is that the curriculum may not be as strong or reputable as the last one.

A great benefit of homeschooling is that no matter where you move, you will always be working from the same, trusted curriculum. You won’t lose any time in having to readjust or catch up on topics not previously covered.

This can have a tremendous impact on your child’s education, as it brings more focus and clarity to the goal they are working towards.

Thanks to the internet, there are now more resources available for parents. A huge variety of content is out there ranging from books, videos, audio series, and even apps.

7. Vacation on demand.

Vacations can be hard to come by and sporadic for a military family.

When that surprise opportunity springs itself upon you, you no longer have to worry about pulling your kids out of school and affecting their attendance.

Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to “vacation on demand” with your family and work around the precious time-off you are given.

You can even take school with you and teach while you travel, one of our favorite benefits of homeschooling!

8. Provide an educational experience tailored to your child.

Every child is different and therefore they learn and develop in a variety of ways.

Albert Einstein once said that “everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

One of the biggest critiques of the educational system is that it is set up in such a way to favor some learning and personality types.

Homeschooling allows you to provide an educational experience tailored to your child that allows them to learn in the best way they can.

This works both ways: It is incredibly useful for any children who have learning difficulties as they can receive the 1-on-1 support they need and not get left behind.

For example, if your child is great a maths but has a hard time with reading it means you can focus the appropriate time to where your child needs it the most.

However, it also may allow children to learn faster and graduate sooner as they will not be held back by the different learning styles in their class.

This can open up opportunities to learn other important life skills at an early age, or even pursue a skill, trade, hobby or sport.

Why not factor in learning a new language of your families choice into your homeschooling program? Not only will your kids reap the benefits but you could too!

9. Stretch, grow and develop personal skills.

It’s not just kids who have the chance to develop.

Homeschooling will challenge, stretch and grow you in ways you could never imagine.

It’s a great opportunity to develop professional skills that could even open up future career opportunities once your little Einsteins are finished with their education.

Teaching, communication, general knowledge, and organization are all skills you will pick up along the way – not to mention the patience of a Saint!

10. Have greater control.

The greatest benefit of homeschooling is putting the control back in the hands of your family.

There is no need to be concerned about what your child is being taught or the methods used to do so.

There is no set-in-stone method for homeschooling meaning that you can adapt a system that works for you.

This can include taking turns and sharing “school days” with your spouse or other parents in the area.

One of the biggest concerns parents have is that they will have “no-free-time” and that they will become isolated from their community.

This doesn’t have to be the case. It may actually open up more opportunities to connect with the local community and pursue new skills/friendships yourself.

What’s next?

If you had decided homeschooling is your for you, we salute you and wish you all the best in this exciting new mission in your family’s life.

Another important tip to remember is to have a “de-schooling process“. This allows your kids (and you) to slowly adjust to the new lifestyle and way of education.

Thanks so much for reading these 10 benefits of homeschooling for military families. We hope you found it useful and would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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